Things to Know

Hello, I am Mohammad Sharaf, and I am a graphic designer. Before going on, you need to know that my English is not 100%. So, please bare with me.  

My Story

Well, I am originally from Kuwait, and Arabic is my native language. I am currently undergoing MFA Design - Designer as Author & Entrepreneur at School of Visual Arts, NY. I've finished the first year, and I have one more year to go.  It happens that my thesis project is about Arabic typography and I will spend the coming year living with it.

I did not have the chance to learn how to design type when I did my undergrad. So, during last year, I realized that my knowledge of type and type design is below average. In general, I prefer print design over digital design. I am not a fan of writing nor reading. I do not know what I was thinking, when I decided that my thesis project is a digital platform, that includes a lot of writing, and reading about designing Arabic type. 

This website is my learning journal. My hope is to keep posting the process I am going through to learn how to design an Arabic typeface. I tried to start couple of blogs before, but I ended up neglecting them. I hope not to do the same this time.

Please feel free to comment, suggest, criticize, and contribute in this learning process. I very much appreciate any input.

Lets start. Shall we?