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There is no singel, ‘correct’ process for creating a typeface. The methodologies of individual designers are as unique and varies as the designs themselves.
The urge to create can be quite quite personal; the impetus might even be an extension of a historical, intellectual or cultural inquiry
— Karen Cheng

I read the that quote in her book designing type. Its a book that many type designers find it useful in the process of designing the letterforms of a certain typeface. Actually, I think that the quote is a bit generic, but, its also true. 

After having a small talk with Nadine Chahine and reading her article and few other articles here and there about designing type. It only makes sense that the very first step of working on any design, including type design, is to know the purpose of the typeface, and the intended function/goal of this typeface. In a simple language, I have to answer this question: What is the function of the typeface, and when/where it will be used? 

So, I have to decide if the typeface will be a display/headline or a text typeface. If its a text typeface, is it a book text typeface or is it a newspaper text typeface. Moreover, I should know if the typeface will be used in print, or digital platforms. I guess I will spend sometime tomorrow trying to write a design brief about it, and I will post it here.